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Kuiper is a Mexico-based venture capital firm that specializes in investing in pre-seed and seed-stage technology companies in Spanish-speaking markets. 


Our mission at Kuiper is to bridge the funding gap in early stages, and support entrepreneurs that are driving transformation in the Spanish-speaking world. We are passionate about identifying visionary entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary funding and guidance to make their vision a reality. 


At Kuiper, we recognize the shared customer behavior across Spanish-speaking markets and believe in fostering collaboration and innovation across borders.

With a focus on software-based tech companies, we aim to support ventures that have the potential to disrupt traditional industries, create ecosystems, and change lives.

Our dedicated team, guided by strong governance and decision-making processes, places particular emphasis on assessing the leadership teams behind each venture. 


Join us at Kuiper as we unlock the potential of Spanish-speaking markets and drive sustainable growth in the technology sector. Contact us to learn more about partnering with us.

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